Mission and Goals

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Our Mission:
Improving lives and protecting places through eco volunteer-travel and ecotourism.

Our Belief:
Eco volunteer-travel and eco-tourism can help contribute to the natural and cultural riches of a region and create responsible economic opportunities for local communities.

Because tourism and travelling is among the world’s largest industries, bringing eco (environment consciousness, ethnic cultural oriented) volunteer focus to tourism has the potential to contribute to bring bring global perspectives for local action, alleviate poverty, hunger, gender inequality and environmental degradation in some of the the world’s most diverse and vulnerable regions.


Our goal is

  • to provide responsible eco volunteer & travel programs that would contribute to enhance cross-ethnocultural experiences and environment consciousness amongst the volunteer-travellers and the local population;
  • to provide a platform to eco volunteer-travellers to get involved in local projects that contribute to the environment conservation of the region, welfare of the local communities, and personal satisfaction / development by of their ownself.