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Marginalised Children / Orphanage Care

Orphanages are normally run by nonprofits or tend to be highly underfunded. Therefore, orphanages frequently deal with the issue of under-staffing and need more people to help supply the daily needs of the children and perform general tasks required to maintain a group / home of children.

Orphanage volunteering often involves childcare and youth development, as you will be working closely with kids who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, who may be orphans, runaways, or abandoned kids who don’t have anyone else to look after them.

If you intend to volunteer in orphanages, you should have a heart for children. You must be prepared to care for children physically and emotionally, tasks may include teaching health and sanitation and other basic life skills, and organizing special activities. The kids you handle may have had poor parenting, be behind in development, or have emotional issues because of their life experiences, so you will need a good amount of patience to pull the job off successfully.

Volunteering in orphanages can be especially great if you are majoring in social work, teaching, family and child development, psychology, or community development.

Healthcare / Public Health Awareness

Health education volunteering takes place in communities that are plagued with various health issues such as nutrition issues and lifestyle diseases, communicable/infectious diseases, where volunteers are needed to teach disease prevention as well as educating locals on how to overcome the disease and keep it from spreading.

When volunteering in public health awareness programs, volunteer tasks may include undertaking surveys, conducting seminars, providing treatment, supplying feedings to locals, and assisting in other health related work like maternal healthcare and early childcare. This type of volunteering abroad is ideal for individuals who hope to pursue medical-related careers or are established health care professionals.

Empowerment of women and poor

In many communities, women and girls still lack sufficient access to education, employment opportunities, and proper healthcare. Women’s empowerment and vocational training programs offer sustainable solutions, giving women the resources they need to gain social and economic independence. Women’s empowerment projects allow volunteers to work one-on-one with women and children in families, shelters and counseling centers. Volunteers will spend time with the women to build strong relationships, learn and teach, and contribute to an environment in which women will help themselves out of unhealthy circumstances and direct their own lives. You are welcome to work to live, share, and collaborate, and discover your common goals with women around in the the third world scenario.

Community Engagement and Civic-society Building

Community building often involves working with adults, particularly those supported through grassroots organization and living in rural villages. The main purpose of community-based volunteer work is to help particular populations establish a stable source of livelihood, enhance their skill set, encourage unity, and contribute to the construction of community spaces.

Community development volunteering usually takes place in rural areas. Tasks involved may include building structures, holding seminars or workshops, and conducting health or medical missions. What your placement entails will depend greatly on the location you volunteer at. Aside from local community leaders and general community members, you may also find yourself working with researchers, architects, and NGOs officials to coordinate development projects.


In this type of volunteer work, international volunteers typically handle students of all ages and backgrounds. Volunteers might work with orphans, out-of-school youth, or even adults, and teach them a wide array of subjects, from English and art to life skills and disease prevention.

Unlike professional teaching jobs, teaching abroad as a volunteer will allow you to conduct lessons in a variety of environments, such as academic institutions, clinics, orphanages, and rural community centers. An international teaching experience can benefit your resume greatly, especially if you decide to pursue a career in education or community development and social work.

Environment and Wildlife Conservation

Environment conservation activities may include – wildlife conservation, marine conservation, river conservation, renewable energy projects, eco-buildings, plant nursery and forestation, organic farming and kitchen gardening, water sanitation and waste management etc.

Wildlife conservation volunteers will get to travel to unique eco places, work with exotic species, and usually live close to a wildlife sanctuary or a beach or in a naturally beautiful location.

Rather than focusing on the care of humans and communities, wildlife conservation programs focus on caring for wildlife, both in the wild and in the sea. Your tasks will include surveying wildlife and marine reserves, supporting/rescuing animals, and assisting researchers in various other aspects of their studies. Some conservation volunteer programs also include training or certification, so you can learn how to explore wildlife on land and underwater too!