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You want to combine your travels in India with doing some volunteer work?

Than we are the right organisation to get in contact with. We work together with the inhabitants of the little village of Naddi in northern India to improve their life and environment.

Don’t expect poor orphan kids here, the people in Naddi are doing relatively well. All the kids go to school, they have enough to eat and a decent house.

Why volunteer in this community?

Since a few decades the area of Naddi and Dharamshala is becoming highly touristic. Large hotels emerge in Naddi, this influences the local communities who live there for generations. We want to give the women the opportunity to profit from all the tourists coming to their village. They can influence the way in which Naddi develops!

We work on this goal by developing homestays in the houses of the community members. Tourists can come here and experience a more ecological sensitive way of staying in this beautiful surroundings. These homestays are run by young women, which empowers them to take control over their own life. Apart from these homestays, we work on environmental and microfinance projects and run English and IT classes.

We believe that long term engagement works best, but we want you to be able to experience volunteer work if you don’t have a lot of time.

To ensure continuity in our projects you will work together with interns who work for Educare, our parent NGO. These are people from all around the world working in India for a longer period of time, mostly six months or more. They really appreciate your help in any kind of project.