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Start Dates:

Every first & third Sunday of the month [arrival at Dharamsala airport]

If we are not be able to facilitate our work on certain dates / months of the year, we will inform individuals as and when a date specific enquiry  is made.

Application Fee / Costs:

The costs will depend on the itinerary that you will chose to make as well as the modes of transort  and hotel / homestay costs.

Your stay with us in ecoHomeStay in Dharamsala , induction and cultural orientation and the volunteer work facilitation costs will be:
> 90 $ registration, documentation & administration fee;
> 10 $ per day as project facilitation, local ecoHomeStay with local meals at volunteer work sites.
The costs are payable as and when you seek us to start working on a customised plans/travel arrangements for you.

Program Fees for longer durations:
> 30 $ admin and facilitation fee for each additional week

Fees Include: 
Pickup from Dharamsala airport
Orientation and accommodation in volunter house
Travel arrangements to project site (Dharamsala)
Stay with local family
Assistance in work area
Program relevant materials
Fee excludes: 
International Airfare & Visa fee
Insurance / Travel Insurance
Drop off
Phone calls / Mobile Phone
Internet access