meet n fuck music Eco-building, Construction and Renovation Program: Building Construction Affects the Environment – It’s not just the methods and materials used to construct a building that affects the environment. How it’s built to operate has a huge impact as well. Buildings account for an average of 41% of the world’s energy use.

go to site Impact on the Air and Water – The buildings are responsible for 38% of all CO2 emissions. Water Use Buildings are responsible for not just a large percentage of the world’s water use, but a large percentage of wasted water as well. It’s estimated that buildings use 13.6% of all potable water, which is roughly 15 trillion gallons of water per year. source Construction Materials – The factories that make the materials produce damaging CO2 emissions. Then there’s the issue of transportation. Not to mention the actual production of those materials in their final form. 40% of the world’s raw materials are used in the construction of buildings.

niley hott by xxxtvme Waste From Building Construction and Demolition – Building waste often includes concrete, metals, glass, plastics, wood, asphalt, bricks and more. This waste is often disposed of in either landfills or incinerators. There were already over 10 billion tons of debris generated in the construction and demolition of buildings in a year alone, 61 percent of which were produced by non-residential buildings.

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go to link cruel and painful ballbusting handjob for bound latex male slave The notion of Eco-building, Construction and Renovation – Eco-builders consider a building over its whole lifetime. Not only do they integrate energy savings, they also take into consideration the origin of the materials used and their management (elimination, recuperation) at the end of their life. Green building is not a specific construction method, but it brings together a set of techniques, materials and technologies which when suitably integrated in a construction project, contribute to enhancing its environmental performance. In an ideal world, eco-construction optimises energy efficiency, limits water consumption, makes maximum use of recycled, recyclable and non-toxic materials. It also generates as little waste as possible during the construction process and subsequent occupation.


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see url We are not a construction company, but knowing the importance of it, our endeavour is to keep the idea of Eco-building, Construction and Renovation alive in public spaces and support small households, tiny businesses or public institutions like alternative schools to construct a new or maintain a traditional structure. Volunteers build an eco-facility by hand and from various local materials including mud, stones, straw, timber, bamboos etc. The purpose is to fulfill the principles of simplistic living and close contact to the earth. Local and foreign volunteers from around the world enjoy this exciting project while learning about and experiencing traditional and new eco-building practices.

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go to link Leh (April to September)

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go site Gokarna (October to March)

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