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The Bamboo Curing & Crafts facility is a new project of EduCARE India & Conserve Natiural India  focusin on different products.

Perhaps you are good with your hands – and with basic woodworking tools – you can perhaps build some furniture items for the organisational use  – learning about bamboo and what it can be used for – as part of the creative process that may give you that Eureka moment.

Next era bamboo products – Bamboo is a base material for a number of new era products that are extremely important in terms of ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. Of perhaps greater importance is that as a renewable forest product it can and should be used to benefit the environment, and the people – generally the rural poor – who are closest to it, who would benefit most from it.

Perhaps you and can teach some local interested individuals learn new techniques. The introduction of a curing facility will allow us to extend the life of cut bamboo from around 2-3 years, to 20-30 years. Products can then be made from cured bamboo that justify a much higher level of craftsmanship – as they will last for so much longer. Our challenge AND YOURS is (a) to increase our knowledge database and skill sets through some local craftsmen; and, then leveraging these skills of the villagers and (b) to create new designs, products for an alternative materials within the wood furniture and crafts in the local market.

This project aims to bring in bamboo as an alternative to the forest wood for wood crafts and furnitures as well as a new entrepreneurship for revenue earning of a few individuals in rural areas.

Bamboo can, when reduced to charcoal using the low oxygen / high heat process known as pyrolysis produce carbon in its various forms – from biochar (a soil improver) to activated charcoal) used in nanotechnology.

Main products: Soil improvers, Fertilisers, Composting, Carbon sequestration.
All vitally important in mitigating the effects of global warming and eliminating chemicals from the food chain.

By products – Free energy sources from the heat provided for: Drying, Process heating, Thermal processes, Firing existing furnaces, Steam generation, Electricity generation.

We share a common view that new era bamboo products can deliver huge benefits to mankind.

Social – Establishing a really viable 2nd revenue (or primary revenue stream) good enough to provide the next generation with rewarding job opportunities at home to atleast a few in rural areas.

Environmental – Bamboo is best grown wild in the forest and not in plantations – because when grown in the forest it provides a strong financial reason for ensuring communities protect (and do not allow) burning in the area.