Waste Management and Sanitation

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Waste management

Waste management

Waste management, the “Brown” aspect of sustainable development and environmental conservation, is one of the most important current events and controversial issues in the world.

As a SWASH volunteer you will have the opportunity to live and work di

rectly in a rural community and rewardingly contribute to remediating some of the most obvious environmental issues in the Indian countryside: excess trash, lack of proper waste management services, soil degradation, poor water sanitation services and shortages in fresh, clean water supply.

The SWASH Village program, which is short for “Sanitation of Water, Air and Soil for Healthy Village Life,” is a program of environmental health, for the land and the people who rely in it.
Examples of current SWASH project activities are:Waste management

  • A composting toilet initiative in order to reduce water use, “blackwater” creation and to create microfinance opportunities for marginalized peoples
  • The planning and construction of a trash collection, sorting and storage facility that will be owned and operated by a local migrant community with whom we work
  • Education and organisation of classification of waste at the house level and the fcommunity clean up days.
  • Kitchen greywater sanitation initiative
  • Mountain trails clean up trekks

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