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Generally speaking, someone who considers himself a traveler will try to immerse himself in the local culture rather than standing out. If you’re a traveler, you may try to explore the less-traveled areas and explore locations where tourism doesn’t drive the economy. You’ll interact with locals. Your goals for a trip will be to learn and experience new things, rather than to take a relaxing break from everyday life. A traveler may consider a trip a journey rather than a vacation.

Being a Better Traveler

If you consider yourself a traveler, you’re likely already surrounding yourself with locals. Improve your trip by getting more involved with them. Find a spot in town where everyone seems to gather, like a town square or popular restaurant, and spend the day there. Strike up conversations with people of all ages. Ask questions about the local culture and talk about common interests; at the very least, you’ll leave with a broadened worldview. Don’t turn your nose up at tourists, and don’t avoid popular attractions simply because they’re packed with foreigners. Yes, the Taj Mahal will be surrounded by tourists — but you should still see it too.

Being an EcoTraveler

We are committed to making travel experiences special by providing holidays that cause minimal environmental impact, respect the culture and people of destinations, and offer real economic benefit to local communities.

As part of this commitment, we want to engage maximum number of people in sustainable travel. As well as educating children, young and adults who come on holiday with us through our ReStore initiative, we’d like to help people how they can make a difference on holiday.

Ideal for anytime / the summer term, these fun and colourful activity plans will provide a window to the world of India and its nature and people.