Frequently Asked Questions

You may please write your questions to us at >> ecovolunteertravel@gmail.com

Costs & Cancellation & Refunds

Can I volunteer with a group of friends or family? Can we get a group discount?

Yes, we will gladly accommodate for groups or families in many of our programs. Contact one of our representatives to go through your options. Discounts can be given to groups and families of 4 or more people from 10 to 25%.

Medical support

Do I need travel health insurance in order to participate?

Here at EcoVolunteerTravel-India, our top priority is to provide our volunteers with a fun and safe experience abroad. To ensure the safety of our participants while on their project, we require each volunteer to be covered with travel health insurance for the duration of their stay.

For your travel convenience, you can explore CareMed International Travel Insurance plans to incorporate a comprehensive coverage policy or other similar offers from other companies, if you do not have any existing overseas travel insurance.

Will I need immunizations prior to travel?

Each country suggests or requires different immunizations for travel. It is best to consult your physician prior to departing for suggestions regarding immunizations for India  to ensure that you will be best protected while on your project.

Organisation and its philosophy

Is EcoVolunteerTravel-India a reputable organisation/company? Why should I choose to volunteer through EcoVolunteerTravel-India?

Yes, EcoVolunteerTravel-India is a social enterprise and a volunteer support platform of an established NGO EduCARE India that has a focus in education, community empowerment, and sustainable development since 1994.

  • It is an authentic eco-organisation.
  • EcoVolunteerTravel-India prices are economical and highly competitive and, are usually cheaper than trying to do it yourself or than the usual business companies.
  • A good support and peer service from start to finish.  Email support within 1-day to 1-week or sooner.  EcoVolunteerTravel-India also has a 24 hour emergency phone number for volunteers to use if they need support while at work or traveling.
  • EcoVolunteerTravel-India has years of experience on more than 500 international volunteer-interns in various projects.
  • The EcoVolunteerTravel-India Placement Coordinator and recruitment staff is knowledgeable about all of our projects and will of course help you choose the best project(s) if you are undecided.
  • EcoVolunteerTravel-India continually updates and add new projects that our volunteers will find interesting.
  • Once you register, EcoVolunteerTravel-India will make sure you have all the information you need before your trip to India and will check in with you during your trip. That means should a problem arise, EcoVolunteerTravel-India is there for you and will help find a resolution.
  • EcoVolunteerTravel-India has projects that value our volunteers and offer an excellent volunteering experience.

Safety & Security

How does EcoVolunteerTravel-India ensure the safety of your volunteers abroad in India?

We understand the concerns that participants may have regarding international travel in a foreign country. We are here to assure you that your safety while on one of our programs is our top priority. We have 24-hour emergency support where we have our staff coordinators located either on-site or nearby the project whom volunteers may contact if they need any assistance or have questions while on the project.

Travelling in India

Will there be time to travel and sight-see while I am volunteering abroad?

Of course! Most of our volunteer projects give ample free time for just this! We understand that you want to explore your surroundings, as well as the diversity of India, and our projects are flexible to accommodate for this. Additionally, the on-site coordinators are often happy to help you plan out any activities or small trips you want to take while on your placement.

Work place operations

Do I need to speak the local language?

You do not need to know any language other than English in order to participate in our. An important aspect of many of our volunteer projects is introducing remote communities to English-speakers and giving them a chance to learn and practice the language themselves. Along with Hindi and other regional languages, English is a lingua-franca in India. Therefore, your English skills are utilized and appreciated as an benefit of the project itself, regardless of the type of volunteer work you will be doing.

Our projects require at least beginner’s level English. We also do have an English-Hindi course incorporated into the orientation to support your conversation skills in local language throughout the duration of your volunteer work.