Why pay to volunteer

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Many people wonder why they pay to volunteer – after all they are giving their time and skills for free!  Paying to volunteer can seem a strange concept to the uninitiated. But this is a common misconception about volunteer travel—the volunteer work is not what you are paying for.

Unfortunately, as a self sustainable NGO, EVT and its partner affiliates have limited resources, making it impossible for us to cover the costs of hosting you.  Costs such as  housing and transporting a volunteer can add up quickly—and, if such funds were available, we could likely use them to create employment for local workers, who have relevant language skills who are more likely to stay with the project long-term.

So where does your money go? It pays for the cost of your housing, and transport, as well as your training, preparation and supervision. It also goes toward the identification of worthy projects and partner organizations, as well as the costs of recruiting you and other volunteers.

One of your biggest investments when paying to volunteer with us is in your peace of mind—having someone there in case of emergency. A local election raises political tension in the area; an earthquake disrupts the transport system; or you simply fall ill the moment you arrive. These are all things you are better off dealing with when an organization like ours is behind you.

In return, what you will gain  is an edge in the workplace. Volunteering overseas can be the bridge between your education and a career—even if you volunteer in a completely different field. Because the great thing is, you don’t need specific skills to join a project but you can be sure you’ll be leaving with some.