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Eco Volunteer Travel India (EVT India) offers a range of options for group volunteering and we’re experts in creating customized volunteer group trips that expand horizons, foster cross-cultural understanding and make a positive contribution to community projects.

Our 10+ programs in northern himalayan region, to arid regions in the west, to coastal south are perfect for volunteer groups and we regularly accommodate university groups, schools groups, youth groups, families, and corporate teams.

At Eco Volunteer Travel India (EVT India) , we create customized itineraries that provide a safe environment for group members to learn, grow and challenge themselves. We do this through impactful volunteer programs and cultural immersion.

Planning this experience couldn’t have been easier. Eco Volunteer Travel India (EVT India) was fantastic to work with – they were proactive in their approach, insightful, had quick responses, and never tired from our many, many questions and sometimes last-minute changes within our group. If you’re looking to arrange a group, you will have peace of mind with working with Eco Volunteer Travel India (EVT India) University of Windsor Valley Group Leader

Groups that volunteer abroad with Eco Volunteer Travel India (EVT India) choose us because of our affordable fees, our tailored service from experienced volunteer group trip experts and our approach to safety and responsible volunteering. We offer every group a range of value-added services, such as detailed pre-departure training and access to an alumni network of more than 1,000 volunteers. Read more about how we can support your groups below.

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University volunteering with International Volunteer HQ

University Volunteering
Learn about how we’ve helped hundreds of groups from some the world’s best universities and colleges to have meaningful volunteer travel experiences abroad.
Volunteer abroad in a Medical Campaign with IVHQ

Medical Volunteer Campaigns
Volunteer as a group of medical or pre-medical students to contribute to the development of impactful medical campaigns abroad.
Alternative break volunteering with IVHQ

Alternative Break Volunteering
Our alternative break programs are perfect for students who want to do something different with their time off.
Corporate volunteering with International Volunteer HQ

Corporate Volunteering
Our corporate volunteering packages and CSR events are designed to amplify innovation, mobilize leadership skills and embed a culture of sustainable development.
High School Volunteer Abroad

High School Volunteer Abroad
There’s no need to wait until you’re 18 to volunteer abroad – Eco Volunteer Travel India (EVT India) specializes in offering affordable and safe high school volunteer abroad opportunities.
Family volunteer opportunities abroad with IVHQ

Family Volunteering
Discover how your family can volunteer abroad with Eco Volunteer Travel India (EVT India) and learn which projects are best suited to groups of family volunteers.