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Despite the major efforts made to combat poverty, it is an epidemic that rules Mumbai. The city needs you! From volunteering abroad in local schools or providing care to the sick, to taking a stand in promoting human rights, there are many areas that could benefit from international volunteer support.Popular causes. Because of its prevalence throughout the city, most volunteer placements in Mumbai focus on combating poverty. Volunteer in a local school teaching English as a foreign language, or in an orphanage where you can provide care and love to children who need it. Volunteer in a hospital where you will work with people suffering from dengue fever, leprosy, or malaria. Others can find placements in activism where you will combat poverty by promoting human rights or women’s empowerment.Summer and short-term programs. Every volunteer will have a different time line. While it is encouraged to stay as long as possible to maximize your impact, every little bit helps. Some programs in Mumbai can last as short as two weeks. With a short-term or summer placement, you will have the chance to perform meaningful work in the community while interacting with like-minded people from across the globe.Long-term volunteer stints. Volunteers who choose to work long-term for up to a year or two will experience a tangible improvement of the living conditions of Mumbai. You will see the improvement of students’ English skills, or watch patients recover from illness over months, and you will also experience a more drastic change in yourself as your eyes open to the rawness of Mumbai. As with any volunteer abroad program: the longer the stay, the higher the reward.