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Sports, Adventure and Fitness Education Program:

India is home to a diverse population playing many different sports across the country.  However, there hasn’t been a great investment into creating access to sports and adventure activities amongst children, youth and women in rural areas. the potential of sports to help attain various developmental objectives largely remains untapped in India. There are only a handful of initiatives (including both government and non-government) that are using sports as a tool to assist in enhancing and/or accelerating the effectiveness of developmental efforts.

From providing livelihood to bridging the education gap, sports is now emerging as the key to a holistic social development. Our SAFE (Sports, Adventure and Fitness Education) Program is an effort to contribute to this area of need.

Opportunities to Engage / Support:

In Sports, Adventure and Fitness Program, one can avail an opportunity to volunteer and support children, youth, girls and women in sports, adventure and fitness activities in rural-urban India. These volunteer opportunities may include sports activities like footbal, volleyball, badminton, handball, frisbee, kho-kho, and other various games and sports, apart from trekking, long walks, yoga and fitness excercises.

Aside from the expected duties of leading games, coordinating tournaments among larger groups of kids, and helping young students grasp sports techniques, there are a couple of other things that you might be required to do in order to provide the children a holistic health and exercise experience. Because sports and games are such a great way to hook children into academic activities, there is usually some element of teaching English in sports volunteering, especially if the kids are studying English as part of their school’s curriculum.

There are more roles in Sports, Adventure and Fitness program across sport, community recreation, fitness and the great outdoors than you might think. Some might be one-off opportunities, others might be ongoing, but there is something for everyone.