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Our EcoClasRoom school trips are customized student educational travels, planned collaboratively with teachers, that help to leverage what you are already doing in the classroom while opening eyes and minds to the amazing world we are all a part of. Our student educational travel program – EcoClassRoom aim to not simply ‘see the sights’ of some of the most inspiring places in the region, but to become immersed in a completely new environment, culture and language. Each element of your trip is woven together to create a fascinating yet tangible story. The entire trip is about biology and ecology, about language and culture, about conservation and service—and with our unique approach to student educational travel, we excel at presenting all of these within a context that is digestible and relevant to the traveler. Through these encounters, students experience authentic fun and intellectual adrenaline, resulting is a much more profound take-away than your traditional student travel tour.

The locations/destinations:

– High Altitude Conservation Park (Jammu Kashmir)
– Himalayan Reserve Forests (Himachal Pradesh)
– Shivalik Hills Forest Reserve and Wetlands (Punjab)
– Deserrt National Park (Rajasthan)
– Aravalli Mountains Reserve Forest (Gujarat)
– Coastal Marine Life Conservation, (Maharashtra, Goa)
– Western Ghats Reserve Forest (Karnataka, Kerala)