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The aim of our Eco-Literacy Student Learning is to actively engage children and young adults in activities that demonstrate the delicate balance of the ecosystem that is our natural environment.

Students gain the awareness not only their personal health and happiness, but also the well being of our planet as their home and the home for future generations.

Explore Eco-Literacy Student Learning options where your students will be nestled in a forest reserve. Our unique outdoor classroom setting facilitates offer an up close and very personal connection with nature. We know through experience that as young people become more in tuned with nature, they feel inspired, innovative and more apt to treat their surrounding and others with respect.

Sustainable living is what we do everyday, from farming to energy production to soap making. Within this dynamic environment, students will participate in dozens of activities. Among the many hands-on experiences of our Eco-Literacy Program, students will:

Learn creative ways to reuse and recycle.
Plant trees and learn about reforestation and regional and global climate change.
Discover how to make and creatively use compost.
Work in our gardens and with livestock to grow an awareness of agricultural concerns.
Help the kitchen harvest fresh fruits and vegetables and collect free-range, farm-fresh eggs to develop an understanding of the connection between agriculture and health.
Participate in yoga classes to build physical and inner strength as well as self-awareness.
We are dedicated to working with teachers and staff to organize and plan customized curriculum that suit your students’ needs.

Our eco home-stay accommodations allow for students and chaperones to live in a communal environment. Fresh food from the farm and other local farmers is offered in a buffet style dining experience at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For more information about Eco-Literacy Student Learning opportunities please email Ms Hanh at

PLEASE NOTE: Organized Eco-Literacy Student Learning programs are available to student groups only. These programs are not available to independent families or travelers.