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Responsible travel

Responsible travel is the cornerstone of Eco Volunteer travel.  Responsible travel means that the individuals, organisations and businesses we are associated with follow ethical cultural and environmental sensitivity, ensuring that your adventure is environmentally, culturally and socially sustainable.

We minimise the negative impacts of travel and maximise the benefits to the regions we travel through. It is implemented on our trips through the following features:

  • We are committed to improving social and environmental development in the communities and regions we visit by conducting environmental and social volunteer activities.
  • Small groups and customised trips allow travelers to experience cultures first hand, offering greater opportunity for cross- cultural understanding and exchange.
  • We promote global citizenship by improving cultural understanding and encouraging engagement in development issues
  • We utilise local communities as much as possible; we employ local guides to aid travellers understanding of local culture and etiquette.
  • We use locally owned services and local products where possible, to ensure revenue is retained in local communities.
  • We employ services with minimal impact to the environment, such as travelling via local public transport where possible to minimises demand for special tourist vehicles and fuel.

We find that travelling responsibly actually enriches the experience for our clients as they get to have more authentic interactions with locals and get a true feel for the region they are visiting. And they feel great about trips that are engaged in a positive way with the community.