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This is a legally binding contract which sets forth all the terms and conditions of your agreement with ECO VOLUNTEER TRAVEL INDIA.

Please verify and affirm that you accept and agree to be bound by all its terms and information; The term ‘Agreement’ means between you and ECO VOLUNTEER TRAVEL INDIA

The ‘Applicant’ is the person specified on the Term Sheet and interchangeably with ‘You’ and ‘Your’.

The ‘Volunteer Programs’ are promoted and sponsored by ECO VOLUNTEER TRAVEL INDIA and it’s directed by EduCARE India (Registered NGO). www.ecovolunteertravel,com is managed & operated by ECO VOLUNTEER TRAVEL INDIA

Please note that your booking is accepted on the understanding that you come on the program at your own risk. It is not possible for us to be responsible for the actions or omissions of those involved in your program over whom we have no direct control, transport undertakings and others. Equally we are not responsible for loss or expense due to war, riots, strikes, terrorist activities, natural disasters, or bankruptcies (or similar) of unconnected third parties.

ECO VOLUNTEER TRAVEL INDIA is not liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, or other irregularity which may be caused by defect of any vehicle or other equipment, other than its own, or the negligence or default of any company or person engaged in carrying out or performing any of the services involved, other than our own staff. Please note that all services and accommodation are subject to the laws of the country in which they are provided.

ECO VOLUNTEER TRAVEL INDIA reserves the right to make changes in the agreed itinerary whenever, in their sole judgement, conditions warrant, or if they deem it necessary for the comfort, convenience, or safety of the volunteer. ECO VOLUNTEER TRAVEL INDIA also reserves the right to withdraw without penalty any program announced. Please note that ECO VOLUNTEER TRAVEL INDIA reserves the right to decline to accept any person as a volunteer, or to require any participant to withdraw at any time, when such action is determined by the appropriate ECO VOLUNTEER TRAVEL INDIA staff representative to be in the best interests of the health, safety, and general welfare of the program or of the individual participant. Dates, schedules, program details and cost are given in good faith, based on information available and in force at the time they are given and are subject to change and revision in the event of a change of circumstances. Some courses, treks, weekend tour & travel and other activities are provided by independent third parties. You should note that ECO VOLUNTEER TRAVEL INDIA can arrange bookings for these courses, treks and other activities on your behalf but are not appointed agents or representatives of these third parties and cannot accept liability for them or their activities.

The following terms and conditions and information will form an agreement between you and ECO VOLUNTEER TRAVEL INDIA making an application for a volunteer program means you are agreeing and acknowledging to what is stated below. You would agree to the following terms:

Airport pickup at Dharamsala, meeting at airport and transfer to project location
On arrival at Dharamsalai airport you will meet our representative/driver and transfer project location by Bus/Car. For the pickup service from Delhi airport is excluded for the programs. But on request, we can arrange transport for the volunteers to pick them up from Delhi airport on payment of applicable amount ($150) of pickup expenditure.
The EcoVolunteerHouse You are provided accommodation in volunteers’ house which is organization’s own setup like a guest house. The house contains sharing bedrooms with Bunk Bed facility with attached washroom. Kitchen facility is available in the house where you can prepare your breakfast. Essential utensils are provided. A visiting cook serves (Lunch & Dinner) Indian vegetarian food to the volunteers as per the menu arranged earlier.We have a nearby economical co-op healthy food cafe for our team members. EcoHomeStays with Host Family On placement, you ought to live with a local Indian family like a family member. A separate living room on dual or triple sharing basis with volunteers will be provided. The host family will serve 3 local area meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner). The costs $8 to $ 10 per day and is included in the fee.
Daily transportation to your project
Volunteers will be provided daily transportation (if required) to picked them up from the place of their residence and drop at work site and pick you up from work site to place of residence at the set timings at both ends by Car/Rickshaw/Tuk-Tuk, if the distance is anylong distance travel (exceeding 3 kms).
Next day of your arrival at the destination we organize an orientation for each program where you will gain an understanding on the entire volunteer program, Indian history, its culture and traditions. The orientation would entail an introduction to Hindi and as well as rules and regulations of the associated organizations/NGO.

The other customised travel combined programs are separate services to volunteer with Tour Operators and going with these programs will be personal decision of the volunteers. In case of any mishap occurs during excursion period the company and associated organization/NGO will not be responsible for anything. Individuals should have their overseas travel insurance. During the travel program; hotels will include sanitised home stays / Air Conditioned hotel  room with attached Western Toilets, beds etc. The rooms will be clean and fit to be lived in. If a participant disagrees with the provided room in an outstation travel place hotel he/she is at liberty to get the room changed. In case the other room is also not acceptable then the participant will be paid the equivalent amount of rent chargeable for the room and he/she can change the room/hotel of his/her choice. Possible minor changes of one/two days could be made in the pre-decided traveling itinerary in exceptional and unforeseen circumstances in favour of the participants as well as of the organization. It may be, to forego the pre-planned site visit also. The Scheduled programs will run for the participants arrived in the location irrespective of their numbers. Questions about numbers of the participants taking part in the programs, whether less or more, shall not be entertained.

The arrival/pickup day is program start date e.g. if participant apply for 4 weeks duration program and arrive/picked up on 01st then this is Program Start Date and Program End Date would be 28th, participant have to leave the volunteer house/host family on same day by evening. Though, we will make some alternative room available in volunteer house/host family for you to stay extra 1/2 days for your convenience on payment of applicable amount ($8/day) for using accommodation, food and other service. We can confirm your extra day(s) stay in volunteer house/host family if you inform us 48 hrs prior to scheduled program end date. If place is not available and new participant (s) is reaching in house/host family then previous participant have to leave accommodation on scheduled program end date in any circumstances.

Organization incurs lots of resources and expenditure in order to provide placement and services to the volunteers, the Application Fee will not be refunded to the volunteer/client under any natural/unnatural circumstances. If someone cancels the program OR not able to join the program at available location after deposits the application fee, he/she will not be able to take refund of deposits. The volunteers/clients need to check the availability of the program/placement/location before making the payments. Only 100% accomodation and lodging fee will be refundable as 4-weeks in advance; and 50% refundable as 2-weeks in advance.

PROGRAM FEE – Regular Volunteer Programs
Cancellation of volunteer program:
Organisation incurs lots of resources and expenditure in order to provide placement to the volunteers. If any volunteer cancels his/her allotted program after making payment of program fee the refundable amount would be as under: 30 or more days prior to scheduled program date – 100% of the program fee (except application and registration fee) would be refundable. Within 29 to 15 days from scheduled program date – 50% of the program fee (except application and registration fee) would be refundable. Within 14 to 1 day from scheduled program date – 25% of the program fee (except application and registration fee) would be refundable.

PROGRAM FEE – Travel Programs
Cancellation of volunteer program by volunteer Organisation incurs lots of expenditure in order to provide resources and placement and travel arrangements to the volunteer. If any volunteer cancels his/her allotted program after making payment of program fee the refundable amount would be as under: 30 or more days prior to scheduled program date – 70% of the program fee would be refundable. Within 29 to 15 days from scheduled program date – 30% of the program fee would be refundable. Within 14 to 1 day from scheduled program date – 15% of the program fee would be refundable.

Cancellations after Project starting date by volunteer: Under any circumstances the total program fee will not be refunded to the client. Also, if the volunteer once reaches here to do his/her signed up program and if he/she does his/her program for a day and if he/she expresses his/her inability to do the program for remaining period, no portion amount of the fee once deposited will be refunded.

Cancellation by EcoVolunterrTravel: In case which costs $8 /$10 a day and is included in the fee cancels the client’s program due to unavoidable and unforeseen circumstances, will refund the program fee calculated on a pro-rata basis for the remaining period of the program declared to be cancelled excluding 6% (six percent) bank charges.

Amendment in the signed up program: If any participant due to any reason what so ever, during currency of the program informs the organization regarding decreasing the duration, no portion of amount of the program fee for the duration proposed to be decreased will be refunded.

Excursion in between the program:
If any volunteer goes to any excursion in between his/her program period except weekend tours and then again start the program is not in order and organization will not permit to them to re-join the program. Such intermediary excursion period we do not permit to avail of by any volunteer and no portion of amount of the program fee for that intermediary excursion period will be refunded.

Weekend Excursion Trips: If any volunteer goes to any excursion on weekends trips, they can leave the accommodation on Friday evening (after work) and they have to back by Sunday evening in anyway.  Thehomestays will not charge the rents for the same.

Absence from the program: If any volunteer does not report on the program already signed up by him/her within a period of seven days from the program start date, and no intimation is received such program will be deemed to have been cancelled. If any volunteer reports to perform his/her program within a week’s period after the program starting date, he/she though will be allowed to perform the remaining period program but no portion of the program fee for the absence period will be refunded. No change of date of the program is permissible under any circumstances.

Organisation will make payment of the applicable refundable amount to the client within 3-months / 90 (ninety) days of confirmation of cancellation.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions you agree that organisation can use your photos and written feedback while at the project to post on its web site. Organisation might use such material for marketing/promotion in form of brochure/emails/ or on its website. Organisation also use photos and material from our partners and affiliations abroad and in India and is not responsible for any claim arising out of those material/photos/contents. The use of such photos and material can also be done on any other domains owned by organisation.

This code of conduct sets out the standards of behaviour that is expected of volunteers, not only by the company as a volunteer service provider, but also by the Coordinators, the homestay families and providers of accommodation and, most importantly, the organization/NGO/project that you will work with. The organisation is fully committed to responsible for services to volunteer and sustainable tourism. This code of conduct is designed to help you achieve the most out of your placement in a safe manner. It also ensures that the organizations/NGOs and people we work with are treated with respect and that consideration is given to other cultural aspects during your placement. Please note that breaches of the code of conduct may result in your placement being terminated without compensation.

You must:

  • Listen to, and follow the advice or requests of your Coordinators / Supervisor;
  • Understand that you are a representative of not only the company but also your country of origin and act accordingly;
  • Agree to a zero tolerance policy towards the possession and use of illegal substances.  If you are found in possession of, or are under the influence of such substances, you will have your placement contract terminated immediately;
  • Respect, and seek to understand, the culture of the country.  This involves being tolerant of the customs and behaviours of the local people.
  • Respect Indian traditions and culture as you will also get more respect by doing so;
  • Follow your project rules; respect your host/family and local community regarding consumption of alcohol;
  • Be aware of potentially different attitudes towards sexual relationships in the country which you are volunteering and understand the effect that any such relationship may have on individuals and the local community;
  • Treat all people with respect and dignity;
  • Dress appropriately at all times with regard to the culture you are living in;
  • Not engage in political demonstrations or illegal activities;
  • Keep your Coordinator informed of your plans about trips and weekends (if any);
  • Always keep the address card and photocopy of passport with you. This will help you in case of any emergency;
  • Please don’t rely on strangers while roaming around the city and work area and don’t accept anything from any stranger;
  • The tip can be given at end of the program to the cook, driver or servants;
  • Do not walk alone after dark and isolated places. You should be back at your home last up to 09:00pm positively;
  • The program is to be run as per the schedule given by the EcoVolunteerTravel and should be strictly followed;
  • Strictly follow the entry in movement register provided at office for all your movements;
  • Volunteer should not offer cash, gift or any material to any person or staff at work area; You can though bring a small souvnier from your home country for your host family.

At the project
You must:

  • Endeavour to maintain a positive mental attitude throughout your placement;
  • Act as a conscientious member of the project team. You are relied on as a dedicated member of the team;
  • Abide by all the rules of the project at which you are volunteering and respect other members of staff and your peers;
  • Not accept payment of any kind for the volunteering work that you are doing;
  • Work hard to achieve not only your own personal goals but also those of the project and the people and / or organization that you are helping;
  • Listen to, and follow, the instructions of your supervisor/contact at the project;
  • Inform your supervisor / contact at the project if you are at any time unable to fulfill the duties to which you have committed;
  • Treat with care all of the materials that you use during your placement;
  • Please apply to the dress code in the work area and also outside the volunteer’s home. Dress code includes covering your knees and shoulders. Although, when working we advise you to wear Indian dress (Salwar suit);
  • When going directly, from the work area to anywhere, coordinator/supervisor is to be informed;
  • If you want to take pictures with children you should take permission from person in charge;
  • Don’t pass your telephone number; email address, postal address to any person at work place;

You must:

  • Respect local custom and abide by the rules of the accommodation in which you are staying;
  • You are responsible for the cleaning and tidiness of your room and washroom;
  • Keep all the garbage in a polythene bag and keep that polythene outside the main gate, every morning;
  • Change your own bed-sheets and pillow-covers (extra sheet and cover will be provided);
  • Wash your own dirty sheets and covers by your own;
  • Smoking in public places and open areas is not allowed;
  • Consumption of alcohol and Drugs is strictly prohibited;
  • All switches should put off when not in use;
  • Always check that the doors are closed before going to the bed;
  • Lock the doors before leaving your room;
  • Any outsiders (your friends, family members and other)  are strictly not allowed in the volunteer’s home/host family;
  • Volunteers have to stay in volunteer’s home/host family during the working days, they are not allowed to stay any other place, like hotel, hostel, relative’s home and other;
  • If any volunteer goes to any excursion on weekends trips, they can leave the accommodation on Friday evening (after work) and they have to back by Sunday evening in anyway and all required travel information must be given to supervisor/host family before leaving;
  • Respect the accommodation you are using and pay for any damage you may cause to the property;
  • Stay at the accommodation allocated to you;
  • Settle any outstanding bills before leaving the accommodation;
  • Be aware that there will be no refunds for food/accommodation if you decide to go on trips or leave early.

We will be flexible, helpful and friendly – in particular, we will try to help you with your work if you’re trying hard, but still getting into difficulties. Nevertheless, formal complaints procedures (by you) and disciplinary procedures (by us) are necessary. Every reasonable effort will be made to resolve any disciplinary matter before it becomes serious. However, we reserve the right to take appropriate action in the event of behaviour which would reasonably be expected to give offence to host, pupils, project managers or work colleagues. This includes behaviour such as serious rowdiness or drunkenness, disobey of the set rule & regulations of the organization/NGO, failure to turn up to work, leaving work without any adequate reason, or in the event of an unreasonable inability, from whatever cause, to do the work expected. It would be at the discretion of EcoVolunteerTravel to suspend you from your work during any disciplinary process. You are under the authority of EcoVolunteerTravel troughout the period of the project placement. If EcoVolunteerTravel agrees that there is an unacceptable amount of incompatibility between you and the host family and we consider it the right decision to change your host family, it may be necessary to provide you with hotel accommodations for a short period. This would be paid for by EcoVolunteerTravel but you will not be given money for food if it is not provided.

SEIZING THE AGREEMENT orgnisation will end this agreement with you and you have to leave the program/accommodation on that very same day without notice, in case of following occurrences:

  • If we find that you are engaged in any illegal activities or convicted in any criminal activities before or during the Project Period.
  • If it is believed that any of your action or behaviour is threatening or unacceptable to the society or anyone involved with the project based on the judgment of the project staff and/or program coordinator/supervisor of  organization/NGO.
  • Any information provided by you to EcoVolunteerTravel at the time of enrolment is found to be incorrect.
  • If it is found that you are using drugs or intoxicating material during course of the project.
  • If you are found to be engaged in sexual behaviour while your stay in the volunteers’ home/host family.
  • If we find that you are not following the rules & regulations of the organization.
  • If you indulge in sullying the image and making propaganda against the company and associate organization/NGO.

In case the agreement is terminated due to volunteers’ involvement in any of the above activities, he/they will not be entitled to any refund from the organisation.

-User expressly agrees that use of EcoVolunteerTravel is at user’s sole risk. Neither EcoVolunteerTravel, its affiliates nor any of their respective employees, agents, third party content providers or licensors warrant that EcoVolunteerTravel will be uninterrupted or error free; nor do they make any warranty as to the results that may be obtained from use of EcoVolunteerTravel, or as to the accuracy, reliability or content of any information, service, or merchandise provided through Company. EcoVolunteerTravel is providing on an “as is” basis without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of title or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, other than those warranties which are implied by and incapable of exclusion, restriction or modification under the laws applicable to this agreement. In no event will EcoVolunteerTravel, or any person or entity involved in creating, producing or distributing EcoVolunteerTravel or the EcoVolunteerTravel software/content, be liable for any damages, including, without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages arising out of the use of or inability to use EcoVolunteerTravel. User hereby acknowledges that the provisions of this section shall apply to all content on EcoVolunteerTravel. Company does not take any direct responsibly for the use of third party online payment facility.
-EcoVolunteerTravel will not be responsible for any malfunction in their software for online payment. All disputes arising with Credit Card fraud will directly be dealt with PAYPAL. All disputes arising out of Western Union / MoneyGram money transfer / bank transfers will be dealt with the WU / MG or the bank.
-In addition to the terms set forth above, neither EcoVolunteerTravel, nor its affiliates, information providers or content partners shall be liable regardless of the cause or duration, for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions, or other defects in, or unseemliness or unauthenticated of, the information contained within Company or for any delay or interruption in the transmission thereof to the user, or for any claims or losses arising therefore or occasioned thereby. None of the foregoing parties shall be liable for any third-party claims or losses of any nature, including, but not limited to, lost profits, punitive or consequential damages. Neither EcoVolunteerTravel nor its affiliates, information or content providers warrant or guarantee the timeliness, sequence, accuracy or completeness of this information. Additionally, there are no warranties as to the results obtained from the use of the information.

EcoVolunteerTravel and you, the applicant, are the sole parties to the contract for the provision of your volunteer placement. The proper law of the contract between us is the law of India. The courts of the Bangalore / Dharamsala, INDIA (whereever the program registration is made) shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of or in connection with the contract.