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If you’re planning to do some volunteer work and also want to explore India, you must do it in an eco way. ECO sands for environment conscous, ethinic and cultural oriented, as well as economical.
We customise eco volunteer travel the easy ways to discover some parts of incredible India has to offer. The travel in India combined with volunteering work will truly enrich your unique experience.
In this 4 weeks volunteer program you may participate in one of available volunteer program at our location in northwest India (Dharamsala / Amritsar / Bikaner-Jaisalmer and will travel on every weekend safely to culturally rich destinations in India. Here volunteers can participate/ immerse in local culture and enrich their knowledge about India and its heritage and culture.
The inspiring and attractive volunteering work venture and travel program can be customised to your comforts and costs.

Volunteer Options

English Teaching Project
The Teaching program is running in:
a) Government primary schools in rural areas as well as in our After School program for the kids; and, ) Young Wome’s Edcation and Career Resource Centre.
The volunteers will work to organize various enjoyable and creative activities for the children to sharpen their talents and increase their knowledge.

Childcare Community Project
In the rural areas, early childhood care and education are extremely important. This job is traditionally done by local childcare centres called “Anganbari,” but they need help. Our aim is to support these local bodies to supplement staff skills and promote and maintain the holistic childcare in the area.

Project for Marginalised Community Kids
Our organization runs children’s ducation program with a socio-economically internally displaced marginalised community. The project provides free education for the needy children with support of our partner organisation interns and our volunteers.

Frestation and Oranic Kichen Garden Project
Rural Saniation and Waste Management Project
Contribute to improve the environment conservation efforts in the rural areas.

A sample Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in India (Saturday)
Personal pick up from Dharamsala Airport, transfer to ecoHomeStay house.

Day 02 (Sunday) – Orientation
After arrival at ecoHomeStay house of a local faily; an orientation will be organized in the evening on the program where you will gain an understanding on the entire volunteer and travel activities. You’ll also learn somethings about Indian history, culture and traditions. The volunteering in India would entail an introduction to Hindi words and phrases and as well as rules and regulations of the organizations including work area visit, local market visit and other.

Week 1
Day 03 – 05 (Monday – Wednesday) – Volunteer work;
Day 06 – 08 (Thursday – Saturday)
This weekend will visit local Tibetan monastries in Dharamsala; and temples nearby; Next day you go for a 3-hours trekk to Triund (weather permissible or alternative site for an eco-wellness retreat with ecHomeStay. Stay overnight to return next day back to ecoHomeStay

Week 2
Day 9 – 12 (Sunday – Wednesday) – Volunteer Work and trip to other nearby project activity locations

Week 3
Day 13 – 21 (Thursday – Friday)
1-week sojourn

a) Rishikesh-Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Bikaner/Jaisalmer
b) Delhi-Varanasi-Khujoraho-Agra-Jaipur
c) Yoga-Ayurveda / Eco-Spirit Retreat for Women retreat in Dharamsala / Rishikesh-Haridwar

Day 22 – Rest Day in Dharamsala in ecoHomeStay or personal travels to McLeodGanj

Week 4
Day 23 – 26 (Sunday – Wednesday) – Volunteer Work
Day 27 – 29 (Thursday – Saturday)
Trip to Amritsar (approx 6.5 Hrs journey from Dharamsala)
This weekend will visit Amritsar Golden Temple and stay overnight there. Next day you visit the city and to go to an evening retreat ceremony at Attari-Wagah.

Day 30: (Sunday) – Rest Day in Dharamsala in ecoHomeStay or personal travels to McLeodGanj

Day 31: Monday – Check out / Fly out


Every 1st and 3rd week of the month.

If we are not be able to facilitate our work on certain dates / months of the year, we will inform individuals as and when a date specific enquiry  is made.


The costs will depend on the itinerary that you will chose to make as well as the modes of transort  and hotel / homestay costs.

Your stay with us in ecoHomeStay in Dharamsala , induction and cultural orientation and the volunteer work facilitation costs will be 180 $ registration and administration fee; 80$ facilitation and orientation fee and 8 dollars per day as ecoHomeStay with local meals.
The costs are payable as and when you seek us to start working on a customised plans/travel arrangements for you.