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Himalaya snow

Adventure, natural beauty and caring for the environment – how often does one get an opportunity to help their environment when they go on holiday? With Eco Himalayan Homestays, you can. Here’s a concept that wraps travel, tourism and ecological development in to one attractive and out-of-the-world experience.

Our Eco Home stays are located in the spectacular hills of the Himalaya’s of northern India.  Nestled in the quaint village of Naddi – upper Dharamashala, you will be surrounded by magnificent mountain views, natural wildlife and traditional Gaddi culture.

The snow covered peaks‚ deep green valleys‚ deodhar woods‚ glorious meadows‚ vivid flora and fauna still hold a virgin unexplored and mystical aura. Set amidst indescribable beauty of nature‚ this topographical location is famous for its spectacular splendor and also for its vibrancy of unique life.

Not only does the awe-aspiring beauty leaves enthralled every visitor who comes here but the hill station of McLeod Ganj is just 10 minutes drive away, and houses one of the most spiritual leaders of the world – His Holiness The Dalai Lama. His presence and the Tibetan population has the region a popular destination for Indian and foreign tourists.

Try an Eco Homestay while trekking in the world’s highest mountain range and assist local communities to improve their lives and environment.  These Homestays offer you a unique opportunity to stay with and share the culture of the Gaddi people.   By staying with the locals of Naddi, you get a real Indian cultural experience and help them generate income from tourism activities in their region.

Your homestay experience includes:

  • A clean, comfortable traditional Gaddi style accommodation
  • Traditional north Indian meals, cooked hygienically using eco-friendly methods
  • Filtered and boiled water to drink
  • Clean and simple traditional bathroom facilities

Cultural activities include (contact us for seasonal availability):

  • Local nature guides to show you around the village and take you on wildlife tours
  • Local and traditional Indian cooking
  • Dress up in traditional Gaddi clothing and have your photograph with the spectacular Himalayan backdrop
  • Caring for the animals and milking the cows
  • Day trip to local Hindu temple
  • Gaddi festivals and dancing
  • Gaddi handicrafts

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