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Rejuvenate, Rediscover and Reawaken your true Self.

A uniquely transformative journey integrating holistic coaching, eco therapy and spiritual practices for your inner awakening and personal development.

October 20th – 26th 2014 – Himachal Pradesh, India

February 2nd – 8th 2015 – Kerala, India

May 1st – 7th 2015 – Himachal Pradesh, India

This 7 days light trekking retreat is for women who want to reconnect to their natural inner wisdom, the divine feminine and heal themselves in harmony with mother earth in the powerful Himalayan foothills, northern India.

You will be guided on a journey into the sacred realms of nature, spirit and self.  You will discover the treasure map to your soul and the truth of who you really are.

Women retreat healing



Imagine yourself in a circle of  women reconnecting with the power of mother earth, the circle of life and cycle of nature.  Witnessing sun and moon rises and sets under endless stars in the spectacular Himalaya’s.  Rediscovering your real feminine nature, sharing knowledge and reawakening your authentic self.

  • Participate in sacred experiences to heal, to make whole and empassion your core.
  • Unlock the divine feminine within
  • Enjoy the freedom that your own nature holds within you
  • Journey to a place of profound self-acceptance
  • Be empowered to heal YOUR own life, with the support and nurturing of trained facilitators
  • Realize undreamed resources within yourself as you are lifted into a tangible connection with the infinity of Nature and Spirit.
  • Uncover and transform limiting thought and behavioural patterns for your own inner awakening
  • Harmonize yourself with nature and reconnect to your inner source of wisdom
  • Find out how you can live a more satisfied, authentic and balanced life
  • Rejuvenate, Rediscover, and Reawaken your true Self!


Topics and methods include:

* Womanhood *
* Feminine spirituality and sexuality *
* Moon cycles *
* Connection to the body and nature *
* Women’s wisdom *
* Life coaching *
* Guided meditations *



7 day all-inclusive guided personal and spiritual transformative Eco Spirit Retreat for women including:  

  • Airport pick up
  • 2 nights accommodation in New Delhi
  • Transport from Delhi to Mcleod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh
  • Staying in a traditional Indian tribal community
  • 5 day light hike (1-2 hours per day) in the Himalaya’s
  • Fully equipped camping and trekking guide
  • All meals and water/drinks included
  • Daily meditation and coaching
  • Sacred site visits
  • Inter-cultural and inter-aged circle of women

Village Himalaya trekking


You will complete the retreat with a deeper connection with yourself and nature reconnected to your natural feminine source and power.

Diverse methods are applied such as spiritual practices, the sharing of sacred indigenous and scientific knowledge, vision processes and dream journeys, meditation, eco therapy, single work and using the wisdom of the group, and professional coaching.

General Information

Tour: McLeod Ganj (Upper Dharamshala) in Himachal Pradesh, India
Accommodation: 1 night New Delhi Ashram, 2-3 nights village home stays, 5 nights in tents and sacred temples
Retreat Rate: EUR 990 for 7 days all inclusive (incl. Airport Pick Up, 1 night accommodation in Delhi, and transport to McLeod Ganj). |


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Ready to join and give the ultimate gift to yourself?  Click one of the options below:


 EUR 300 deposit to secure your spot

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 EUR 790 early bird rate if paid 3 months in advance

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Please note that we only can accommodate a very limited number of guests. Reserve your place today to avoid disappointment.

  • Rates are per person and do not include airfare or transfers.
  • Single accommodations/ tents.
  • PayPal and bank transfers are accepted as payment.
  • A 30% deposit is required to hold your place.
  • All fees paid in full 4 weeks before retreat date.
  • Save EUR 200 by paying for your registration in full 3 months in advance.




Meet your facilitators:

Alexandra Mietusch – Germany

Alexandra is an experienced global coach and psychologist focusing on holistic personal development blending science, psychology, and spirituality in a unique and powerful way. Her work reveals how indigenous and feminine wisdoms are relevant in our families, professional lives, and our relationship with the Earth. Beyond her academic and coaching training she developed profoundness in various fields including body-mind-connection, conflict resolution, meditation, energy and chakra work, stress and well-being and the great spiritual traditions of the world.Alex RachIn her very heart is the empowerment of women to re-connect them with their true strength and power to be in inner and outer balance and awaken their natural potential to heal the world.

Rachael Donovan – Australia

With a fierce passion for personal and spiritual development, transformative processes, gender development, nature therapy and peace work, Rachael comes with a diverse background in integrated healing work and processes.  Working across many cultures and contexts, her vision is to create increased global awareness and consciousness to bring more harmony and unity at the individual, community and global levels.It is her mission to facilitate women’s’ journey into the sacred feminine, to enable them to unearth their inner courage and souls purpose.  Her commitment is to provide a safe place where women are encouraged to be totally present, to support one another emotionally and spiritually, and harness and sustain the powerful energy that is created when they do. She deeply believes that by sharing in this journey of deep feminine truth we can together reclaim personal power, heal past wounds and unlock the feminine source of Wisdom.


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