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Volunteer Travel Abroad n India As A Couple

We have provision for couples same room accomodations  and related price discount.

You may choose various projects to work together from education to conservation at our volunteering work facilities. You may also choose to split up during the volunteer day onto different projects. Both options has it advantages and disadvantages, all dependent on whether you both crave different work focus or a bit of independence, or whether you want to experience volunteering abroad together in one project.

Couples are usually provided a private single room accomodation within our eco home-stays with a local family, or you may share a bigger room with others.


For couples that require an extra level of comfort, options of a private independent studio or hotel close to the volunteer accommodation, at a concessional rates can be organised !


You never know where the volunteering journey will take you as a couple… From here you should be ready to apply and begin your adventure!