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Experience with Years of Experience and Trust

Organisations, groups and individuals can feel confident that your trip will be a success when you participate in our programs and avail our services. We have spent time in all locations prior to offering the trip to the volunteers / adventurers / travellers. We scrutinize your requirements, get to know you, and make sure that the activities are both exciting and safe. Our high standards and attention to detail become apparent through each experience.

Our commitment to eco responsibility means that volunteering work and travelling  is undertaken with the greatest respect for the lands we explore and the local people we meet. Those who volunteer-travel with EcoVolunteerTravel India do so with the assurance of volunteering towards conservation and protection of the ecosystems and cultures we visit, both as individuals and as an organisation.

Our staff is work savvy, trained, experienced team members.  They are passionate about the work, destinations and sharing this part of the beautiful world with others. We want you to be prepared and know what to expect each day of the program. That’s why we have dedicated staff member assigned to each program who talk to the responsible people prior to the trip.  Our clients agree that these calls are important to the overall success of the trip.

Many people dream of experiencing the culture and wonders of India but find it cumbersome to actually make that dream come true.  We do all the hard work so that you don’t have to! Once you decide to volunteer-travel with us, we take care of all arrangements from your arrival to departure, so you can do one thing – have the time of your life!