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Wildlife and Animal Care :

Our wildlife and animal care projects focus on the safeguarding and protection of animals that are under severe threat due to the illegal wildlife trade, poaching, pollution or habitat destruction. Landscape is also suffering at the hands of humans looking for land and financial gain. Animal sanctuaries throughout the country are playing a vital role in the protection of these endangered animals. We work with partner organisations to help animals at wildlife sanctuaries or rehabilitation centers. Rescue centers scattered throughout the country provide sanctuary to a variety of the animals who have lost their homes and volunteers are always needed to help provide care for them while also educating the local community.

At the same time conduct important research through data collection and surveying or even helping to educate local communities about animal rights. It is important to conserve these animals while simultaneously helping to prevent the current decline in certain animal populations.

Opportunities to Engage / Support:

Animal Care and Wildlife Conservation projects offer opportunities to volunteer and provide vital conservation awareness and support to local people and organizations in the protection of fragile ecosystems and species such as wild elephant conservation in Kerala, or sea turtle conservation in coastal Goa-Gokarna, sloth bears in Rajasthan, black bears in Himachal Pradesh, etc. There are more opportunities to get directly involved in providing care for abandoned cows, cats and dogs in animals shelters. Sea turtle conservation in Gokarna is a major focus for us this year.

Volunteering abroad with wildlife is your chance to really give back to the environment and make a real difference in the conservation of some of the most incredible places. If you have a passion for environmental conservation and want to play a part in improving the protected natural habitats of wildlife, our Wildlife Conservation projects give you the unique opportunity to support the protection of natural landscapes, learn wildlife conservation techniques, as well as study and monitor native and endangered species.

Location-wise scope:

Leh:Eagles, Cats, Cows, Dogs, Himalayan Snow Leopard

Dharamsala:> Eagles, Cats, Cows, Dogs, Bears, Leopard, Ibex

Rajasthan:> Ridley Turtles, Eagles, Cats, Cows, Dogs

Goa-Gokarna:> Ridley Turtles, Eagles, Cats, Cows, Dogs

Kerala:>  Frogs and Mudskippers, water birds – Terns, Kingfishers, Darters and Cormorants, animals – Otters and Turtles,